When Thinking to Live in LA You Should Know!

The life in Los Angeles doesn’t mean that everybody can live the door next to the movie stars. If knowing that Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US, including its spacious area and that metropolitan area has almost 19 millions of residents. The number is getting bigger in days. Searching for the successful life, new job or a chance for the glory, Los Angeles is one of the tops of the list of the most wanted destination for moving. People from entire world at least one must be thinking of how they would find their place under the Californian sun in Los Angeles.

But how does it look to the residents of Los Angeles?

Could they have a fabulous life just kind people from abroad would imagine?

This is quite a sunny territory where the number of sunny days goes up to more than a 3000 in a year! With suitable subtropical climate conditions, this means that residences of Los Angeles can enjoy in spring/summer time during the whole year.

A grandiose mixture of glamour and luxury on one side, great business and economic center on the other are pervaded by the transport hub, street traffic, air traffic as well as metro lines. In this crowded place for leaving, many different cultures founded their spot in Los Angeles. No matter if they have Latin or Asian, or some other origins, they make this city more culturally rich.

Most of the residents of Lost Angeles claim that they made their dreams possible in this city. All of them will tell this, no matter from their family origins. Angelenos are the name for the person who lives in Los Angeles and enjoys in it.

People of Los Angeles pays attention to religion. The larger percentage, around 53 % of people are calling themselves religious, and they are mostly members of Catholic Church.

The modern lifestyle increasing every year the bigger number of singles. Most of younger population of millennials continue the tradition from the end of last Century and kept to improve this rank. In the speed of their way of life, living in the metropolis is their way to chase career success or to make their dreams come true. Most of them are interested in art or alternative scenes in LA. Living here gives them a chance to get bigger education and career.

Beside this facts, a big amount of people moving through the streets of the great downtown area making a big traffic jam, which takes lots of nerves and time spent in this atmosphere. Many of people who live in this city already accepted the fact that this is a normal everyday situation. People in Los Angeles in 86 % of situations use a car for a transport, only 1% uses the bicycle, and 4% choose public transport. 1% of Angelenos like to go anywhere walking.

Now, what is economical factor who brings people to fall in love with this place?

Average income the Angelenos is making is 53,379 dollars in one year.

And how much does it cost to live in Los Angeles? When compared with the other parts of USA, the cost for a house that people of Los Angeles pays is 526,442 dollars, but people in the rest of United States only 222,408 dollars. Those are average ranking made by comparing the general situation from both views.

The housing costs are constantly growing during when looking the last few years both in Los Angeles and the USA. But, the costs made in 2017. Went over 500,00 dollars, which is more than 100% more expensive than the costs in other parts of the USA.

This is one of the examples that show that   to live than the other places in the USA.

Like in every metropolis, the number of homeless people in Los Angeles constantly growing. No matter on economic development and growth, the scene of homeless people of all age groups are not rare in Los Angeles. If knowing that almost 22% of a general population of Los Angeles is considered as a poor, the rising number of homeless has it’s the reason.

Cultural life of Los Angeles is not only developed in movies or theatre. Concert halls, places for entertain and a large number of sports field make this place as a “city that never sleeps”.