About Us

LA Homeless is here to provide the best services for the homeless people in the Los Angeles County. The group of professionals full of care for the homeless citizens are doing the best to provide the shelters for homeless people. In those shelters, housing and medical care are both available.

LA Homeless shares the big experiences to help the people without the home, not only to provide the best boost but give them a chance to use the same basic human rights. The right to have a roof overhead, to live in decent conditions is the something what is the aim of the team of LA homeless. The permanent or transitional shelters are the organization into our team. Homeless people are well taken care of and always can ask the doctor or advisor if needed.

Did you now that the number of homeless continually grows?

We are trying to reduce this number as much as possible. We strongly believe that huge empathy we have for this people is the main engine for giving the help to socially vulnerable people. In cooperation with the City of Los Angeles and The County of Los Angeles, we are successfully giving the shelter to homeless people. We are happy to relocate them from the streets or the places with dangerous living conditions into the shelters where they can be recovered from it.

Since the December 1983, the independent organization LA homeless is working on this humane goals.

With more 234 millions of dollars per year which LA Homeless organization purchase from the funds of The City of Los Angeles and The County of Los Angeles to organize shelters for the homeless individuals and families.

There are no differences in years or on any level for the LA Homeless. We want to keep with our job to provide safe shelters and help to the all homeless people in Los Angeles.